Version 10

The Leading OMR Software since 1991!

Remark Office OMR is the world’s leading scanning software for collecting and analyzing data from plain paper forms containing bubbles, checkboxes, barcodes, and printed text. This flexible and powerful software helps save time used on checking paper-based assessments, ballots, elections, evaluations, examinations, surveys, tests, etc…. by doing all these so you don’t have to!

The steps involved are as simple as:

  1. Design and print your own forms (any word processor, on plain paper)
  2. Scan the forms, and use Remark Office OMR to recognize data
  3. Analyze your data, or export to application of your choice

Software Capabilities:

  • Recognizes optical marks with exceptional patented technology (OMR)
  • Automatically recognizes machine-printed text (OCR)
  • Reads barcodes in many formats (including 2D such as QR codes)
  • Image capture for hand-written open-ended responses
  • Exports data and reports to various file formats
  • Built-in analysis and reports generation
  • Validate data against external databases

Key Benefits:

  • Easily design templates with Remark for various customized tests and assessments
  • Works with plain paper
  • Doesn’t depend on expensive scanners, or special pre-printed forms
  • Reads image files (TIFF, JPG, PDF) created by multi-function printers or scanners
  • Extremely cost-efficient solution with full-featured reporting capabilities
  • Speech recognition for entering hand-written comments, or correcting exceptions
  • Ability to add data on-the-fly when processing forms
  • Minimize or Eliminate manual processing, resulting in faster turn-around time
  • Streamline grading / evaluation process
  • Improve work efficiency by doing things smarter, and getting it done faster
  • Save significant amount of time, effort, and money

Optimal Systems Distribution, Inc. is the authorized reseller and exclusive distributor of Remark Office OMR in the Philippines.

For further inquiries, please contact: remark@optimal.com.ph