About Us

Optimal Systems Distribution, Inc. is a premier IT products and solutions distributor for today’s challenges. Consistently offering industry-grade innovations since 2004, we are a company that focuses on proving our clients with tech solutions, centered on improving your business’ changing needs.¬†

At Optimal, we strive for a results-based experience by providing best-practice solutions and products for your IT requirements. Our commitment includes providing expertise in the latest technologies and partnering with the industry’s most trusted brands. Focused on providing increased quality of work and efficiency, our product portfolio features the best for all your needs.

Our Commitment




With these at our core, every product and service we offer is aligned to minimize costs and maximize your output. We actively seek and maintain partnership with leading IT brand that are renowned for their ability to deliver results  to specific customer requirements.

Providing the best solutions with the latest technologies means we continuously strive to partner with the right brands, giving you results-based solutions. This commitment will help us guide you in making the right choices you need for your business. From printing technologies to applications that can minimize cost while increasing productivity, Optimal has the right products in place.

We've got you covered

Optimal makes sure that we tap and accredit only the most competent, trustworthy and strategically-located service providers to give you what you need. With regional offices in Cebu, Clark, and Davao, we’re sure to provide after-sales service, whenever and wherever you want it.